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At the centre of our service are the Service Level Agreement (SLA) offers which provide you with the reassurance that the right support is there when you need it. Our SLAs include access to the PACT HR website, resources and a named HR professional for your organisation. 

Our Consultancy Service allows you to purchase a bespoke HR Service as a one off whilst being allocated a highly skilled HR Professional throughout your project. We also offer a range of HR training courses.

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DBS Online

As a DBS Umbrella Body, our dedicated DBS Online Service provides the platform to undertake DBS checks. Our team provides advice and guidance regarding a range of employee vetting procedures. This includes standard and enhanced DBS checks and checks of the Children's and Adults' Barred Lists.

Take advantage of our expert fully automated online DBS checking service pact-hr.employmentcheck.org.uk. The service includes advice and guidance across a range of employee vetting processes in line with safer recruitment guidelines.

Interview Tips & Advice

Research the role

Research the role

It is possible that you may be asked about the organisation and its sector that you have applied to work for. Make sure you have researched the organisation and understand the values of the organisation and what it is they strive to achieve.

Visit the organisation’s website and any other industry sources that are available to you. The more you know about the organisation, the better.



Arriving in good time will prevent you feeling flustered and stressed. Preparation is key to feeling calm. Know your application form and take a copy to the interview with you.

Speak clearly, don’t worry if you need to take a few moments to consider your answer. Remember that the interviewers are normal people, they may be nervous too!

Prepare your answers

Prepare your answers

It is common to face a number of questions surrounding your strengths and weaknesses, developmental areas and successes. Make sure you are able to provide examples of your achievements and how you can contribute to their organisation. Practising with a friend may help.

Take copies of your certificates, portfolio of work and any other relevant documents that have been requested. Schools will also ask to see copies of your ID.

Ask Questions

Ask questions

Prepare 5 or so questions to ask the interviewer, this will help to demonstrate your interest in the position. The questions should be about the job, and some should delve deeper into the culture and goals of the organisation.

Look Professional

Look professional

Set off in plenty of time and avoid being late. Know your route, location of interview, date and time. If possible do a dummy run. Know who you are meeting and their roles, if possible.

Prepare your outfit. Don’t be too casual; if it’s suitable for a social occasion it’s not right. If in doubt, go the traditional suit and tie or for ladies, smart work attire.

Cover tattoos and do not reveal too much flesh. Avoid too many accessories, keep makeup subtle, have neat hair and always clean hands.

As a new Headteacher to Bradford the HR support available to me has been excellent. Nothing is too much trouble. All my queries have been answered very quickly, effectively and efficiently.

Chris Martin

Headteacher Hirstwood Nursery School and Children’s Centre

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